Skills & Drills

The Border Raiders' football department and coaching team will endeavour to publish practical content including one on one technical practices and other activities that players can practice at home or in their own time to help them develop their football skills.

Juniors - First Touch Beginner

Juggling is a fantastic way to improve your first touch, control and mastery of the ball. 

Below is a short video with some simple, beginner level juggling activities that players can do at home or at the park to help improve their soccer skills and stay sharp during the soccer break. 

If you beat level 2, try and do it with your thighs and if you can do that try and do it with your head.

Juniors - First Touch Intermediate

This is a fantastic solo activity to help with players' ball mastery. You can spend hours kicking a ball into the wall and bringing it down with a clean first touch.

Try it out at home and see if you can get up to doing it with no bounces. Make sure you are careful of windows!