Club Policies

Border Raiders strives to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for participation in team sport. This page contains the policies adopted by the Club which apply to all our members, volunteers, staff, parents and spectators.

Please take the time to ensure that you have read each of the Club policies that apply to you.

Club Management Structure

The Club is pleased to present the new management structure of the Club as approved by the Committee. All members are encouraged to review the management structure and consider whether they are able to fill any of the roles.

If you are able and willing, please contact the Club to express your interest.

The link to the management structure is below.

Border Raiders FC Junior Codes of Conduct

Members, coaches, parents and players must, in accordance with the declaration signed on registration as a member, adhere to the Club's codes of conduct as approved from time to time by the Committee. Its important that all members, coaches, parents and players read and are familiar with the Junior Codes of Conduct, a link to which is below.

Junior Codes of conduct

Border Raiders' Heat Policy

With the return of pre-season football during the summer months it is important that all out members, volunteers, staff and parents take the time to familiarise themselves with the Border Raiders' Heat Policy. Please follow the below link:-